Dataton Watchout is a multimedia production centre that can play video files on multiple screens.  With Dataton Watchout you can control images, animations, graphics, video clips and sound files in real time and play channels live, orchestrating from these elements a unique concert on many screens. Whether you want one huge image, a long panoramic view or a range of screens cooperating together, thanks to Watchout it is possible, and to top it all - on the monitor of one computer. 


Dataton Watchout 6 offers advanced possibilities of mapping objects and pre-visualization of 3D images, which makes it the best 3D projection media server.Watchout version 6 adds an unbeatable set of features for advanced object mapping, video playback from multiple sources, media and 3D modeling.Watchout 6 offers the functionality of pre-visualization of the object we want to map, thanks to which 3D models can be used as props and create a realistic simulation of the whole presentation. Before you arrive at the venue, you already know what the stage looks like from different sectors of the audience, which eliminates the necessity of expensive rehearsals and producing a mapping matrix.


In the Watchout platform there usually is a production computer with Watchout software, which can be connected to an unlimited number of display computers, all of them in a standard Ethernet network. Each display computer can cooperate with up to six screens, such as LCD screens, projectors or LEDs.  Visionite has the complete WATCHPAX set, that is the key program and a dedicated media server for the programme.  This powerful computer was specially created for the Watchout programme to exploit its full capacities.


  1. 4U 19-inch rack chassis
  2. Industrial grade single 2011-3 ATX workstation motherboard
  3. Six-core CPU, Intel i7 5930K 3.5 GHz processor
  4. Rugged cooling system
  5. 1 x solid-state drive 128GB Samsung 850 PRO system
  6. 2 x SSD 128GB Samsung 850 PRO RAID 0 media
  7. AMD FirePro W7100 8GB graphic card
  8. Quad outputs