JTE PATT 2015 black edition

The device is the result of cooperation between James Thomas Engineering and the designer Tim Routledge. It is fitted with a tungsten 750W lamp and a stylish, old-fashioned casing.  It is an absolute delight to work with on a camera or during concert tours.  So far it has been used in the following TV programmes and concert tours: Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Graham Norton Show and many others. Our devices were released in a limited black edition

Nimbus Loft

Industrial lamp from 70tes is perfect choice for industrial areas or specific stage design. Silver reflector with tungsten bulb 500W work perfectly with the camera. Given large size of tube Nimbus can be a major element of desing for TV programs or music festivals. The lamp can be hung vertically or horizontally within the reflector facing front to the public.

Stratus Loft

Stratus lamp is a mining lamp taken straight from Polish coal mines. The lamp has been reworked for stage  use and is a great design addition on stage. Inside the lamp we installed tungsten 300W bulb. Lamp attach a range of accessories for hanging as wire ropes, shackles and so on.