WYSIWYG design

Our team has a head full of creative ideas. We visualize our ideas and present in the form of an offer. Let us prepare for you an unique stage design. We promise you will not get such ideas from our competitors.

D3 Design

In d3’s visualiser, you can create and configure virtual projectors. The virtual projector object shares the same properties as a physical projector such as resolution, position, rotation, aiming-point and lens size. The content is being applied directly onto the object as onto any other video surface, independent of where the physical projectors are placed. With d3’s unique approach the virtual projectors do not project content onto the projection surface, quite the opposite; the virtual projects automatically sub-sample the content from their respective point-of-view and send the image to the physical projectors. Simply speaking, a virtual projector shares the properties of a real projector but behaves like a camera. When using d3 for a projection mapping project, the content creation is completely separate from the positions and parameters of the physical projectors. The content only needs to be rendered into the unwrapped UV-texture of the 3D model, while the output is generated from the virtual projectors. If the physical projector has to move on site, there is no need to re-render any content: just move the virtual projector correspondingly. It will then render a new image from the updated position.