The latest innovation of Parasol Systems - Star 600 is a revolutionary solution in the lighting and stage automation sector. It offers a new dimension of visual effects and allows for generating effects that up to now were impossible to achieve.  Canadian producer Parasol Systems used its patented technology in TV programmes such as American Idol and Eurovision, and in the Disneyland park. With the beginning of 2015, VISIONLITE joined the exclusive club of European rental companies to own the system.


Star 600 is an innovative system designed especially for our sector. It is a compact and easy to install device. It works perfectly at launches of new products and while creating special, dynamic light effects over the stage or dance floor. The assembly takes literary a few minutes and it is transported in a special touring kit.


The system's main characteristics is the precision of motion and possibility to set up the starting and stopping points of the device. It is controlled via a DMX driver which facilitates determining the direction and speed of motion. The device rapidly accelerates and comes to a stop. It is possible to programme the motion. The system has two rings to install lights on them. The patented technology allows to connect cables to devices in a way which prevents any damage during the never-ending rotation of the device.


Own weight: 200 kg.

Diameter of the outer bar: 182cm

Diameter of the inner bar: 106cm

Payload: 272kg

Speed of rotation: 10.9 RPM

Power supply:  three-phase 32A 

Ring control:  DMX thru-feed, DMX 3-pin

Devices' control: DMX 5-pin