EK2 is a refined and exceptionally easy to use system. It is comprised of parts which can be freely configured to meet your unique requirements. Robust EK2 modules are innovative units bundled into one platform - an intelligent control system (firing box) and the heart of the whole system. We also have many useful components which facilitate the realization of complex scripts using the curtain drop effect during your event. 


It is sufficient to install EK2 modules on a truss or other suspension solution. The space between modules should optimally be about 1 metre. Then connect the EK2 modules via one of two available circuits. Finally plug cables at the end of the line to the firing box, check status indicators on EK2 modules, switch "Loaded" on, and you are ready for an incredible show during your event.


It is enough to press the "Fire" button. This is it!  This is how you release traps in EK2 modules linked to the driver. You need two circuits?  No problem at all. EK2 modules can be assigned to circuit 1 or 2. Use the first circuit to pull the curtain up, and then the other one to drop it. The system is very stable, unlike many other products of this kind available on the market.  It is resistant to voltage drops and free of accidental curtain releases. The system is certified and safe to use.


Maximum number of modules on one driver: 200.

Maximum payload of a module: 50kg

Own weight of a module: 1,4kg

Number of circuits: 2

DMX Control:  YES