Ultra Music Festival Europe

Ultra Music Festival is the producer of one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world.
They perform all around the world. European edition take place in Split, Croatia on Poljud stadium – large area of festival is essential to fit in 200.000 crowd.

Visionlite is delivering each year its automation system for Resistance stage, which is well known for its advanced technical solutions to create the best special and visual effects. During the 2018 edition, the company controlled by Visionlite – Rentsteel build a huge layher construction to create a wall and a celling above the crowd. It was used to attach a various lamps and LED screes, but most important – the automation.

Visionlite provided Kinesys Apex system with 40 zero-speed hoist to ensure a smooth and safe movement above people heads. Hoists were carrying 10 hexagonal shape thruss frames with lamps attached. The constructs were moving along with the music, and everything combined with lasers, lamps and video created a stunning effect, that people will surely remember.


Ultra Music Festival Europe


Split, Croatia